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We will work on your WordPress website and do whatever is necessary to optimize your website's Page Speed scores for both Mobile and Desktop.

Free SSL Certificate Included

All our plans include a Free SSL Certificate so all pages of your website will be 100% secure with https.

Free Hosting Included

All our plans include free high-quality cloud hosting starting at 5 GB disk space and 20,000 visits/month. We will migrate your site from your current host for free.

Free CDN Included

All our plans include Free CDN (Content Delivery Network) so your website is blazing fast for visitors all across the world.

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Choose from three simple WordPress Speed Optimization Monthly subscription plans.



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Frequently asked questions

To optimize speed for a WordPress* website, we need to audit the hosting speed, theme files such as CSS, JavaScript etc., the plugins being used, and all the Images on the website. 

We will first move your website to our hosting provider, enable SSL and CDN. Then we will work on your WordPress* website and add page speed optimization plugins, caching plugins, image optimization plugins etc. to improve the PageSpeed* of your WP website. Lastly, we will optimize your website CSS and JavaScript to make your site load faster. Our WordPress Speed and Performance Service takes a holistic view of your website performance and optimizes all possible aspects.

In rare cases, we might also need to change your theme and remove any plugins that are affecting your site speed (in consultation with you of course).

If you have chatbots/live chat on your website, please contact us before placing an order as chatbots/live chat slow the page load time by a lot.

All our plans include Free Hosting, Free SSL, Free CDN, Automated Daily Backups and include Free migration. However, if you still don’t want to change your hosting for some reason, we will try our best to meet your Page Speed target without needing to change your host. If we are unable to optimize your website speed due to your your hosting speed being slow, we will issue you a 100% refund. 

Also, please note that there is no discount for not using our free hosting/SSL/CDN.

Our Basic Plan includes 5 GB of disk space, 20,000 visits per month. Our Pro Plan includes 8 GB of disk space and 30,000 visits per month. Our Elite Plan includes 10 GB of disk space and 40,000 visits per month. All our plans include Automated Daily Backups, Free SSL, Free CDN and Free Migration.

Visits overages are $1/1,000 visits. Disk space overage is $2/GB. CDN overage is $0.10/GB

We’re sorry but we only optimize WordPress websites at present.

The guaranteed Page Speed Scores vary by package and are only guaranteed for the home page URL of your site, such as https://yoursite.com/ and not for the internal pages such as https://yoursite.com/internal-page/. Even though you will see a site-wide boost in Page Speed scores, we do not guarantee them.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. On cancellation, you will be responsible to move your website to another host. We will remove our paid plugins and you will be unable to use the plugins required to optimize your pages, images, cache etc. and your website speed will go back to what it was pre-optimization.

Normally, we offer a 10% discount coupon for two or more websites but we currently have a 50% Off Promo going on until Dec 31st 2020 so we’re not offering any other discounts.

We will require your WordPress username and password, your hosting credentials including FTP details and access to your hosting provider’s dashboard (you can add sales@speedupyourwebsite.com as an admin user to your hosting dashboard if you don’t want to send us your login). We will also need you to change your domains DNS (name servers) or provide us access to your domain name registrar.

Our WordPress Optimization Service includes optimizing your hosting, plugins, themes and CDN. We might need to change your theme, add or remove plugins and switch hosting to get results. Contact Us with any questions you might have on this before placing your order.


*All trademarks are the property of their respectful owners. WordPress is a trademark of The WordPress Foundation. Google, PageSpeed, and PageSpeed Insights are trademarks of Google Inc. 

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